Change Log | Server

The change log for the server repository.

Version 1.2.3 Changes

  • Added: missing functions to Apps class
  • Added: new functions and callbacks to UGC class
  • Changed: EnableHeartbeats was renamed to SetAdvertiseServerActive in SDK
  • Changed: various internal variable names
  • Fixed: some memory allocation issues
  • Removed: setHeartbeatInterval and forceHeartbeat; was removed from SDK

Version 1.2.2 Changes

  • Added: Added: ability to provide different locations for custom modules, thanks to dsnopek

Version 1.2.1 Changes

  • Fixed: getNumSubscribedItems was mislabeled as getSubscribedItems

Version 1.2 Changes

  • Added: various notations and spacing
  • Added: addRequiredTagGroup, getQueryUGCTag, getQueryUGCTagDisplayName, and getQueryUGCNumTags functions from UGC
  • Changed: setCookie to setHTTPCookie
  • Fixed: various delete statements
  • Fixed: converting user ID in createQueryUserUGCRequest
  • Fixed: metadata length in setItemMetadata
  • Fixed: library paths in
  • Removed: compiling flag in for OSX
  • Removed: ticket struct as it causes craches

Version 1.1.1 Changes

  • Changed: includes Godot header file to allow more than 5 arguments in a function
  • Fixed: filterText for Steamworks SDK 1.50

Version 1.1.0 Changes

  • Added: Apps, HTTP, Inventory, Networking, UGC, and Utils classes
  • Added: related callbacks, call results, constants, and enums
  • Added: headless server platform for linux
  • Fixed: OSX compiling config rules

Version 1.0.0

  • Added: missing server functions
  • Fixed: missing argument in
  • Fixed: missing Godot include that allows more than 5 arguments per function
  • Fixed: a lot of different functions
  • Fixed: issue with include in register_types.cpp
  • Removed: remaining depreciated functions
  • Removed: functions not compatible with new networking functions

Version 0.0.3

  • Removed: depreciated signal _client_Achieve_Status
  • Removed: depreciated signal _gameplay_Stats
  • Removed: depreciated signal _reputation

Version 0.0.2

  • Added: all of the result enums
  • Added: missing signals
  • Changed: module folder name
  • Removed: depreciated functions

Version 0.0.1

  • Added: Added: basically everything in Steam server main