Here is a list of all the great contributors, both those who have provided code for GodotSteam through pull requests or those who have donated to the project. A big thanks to all of you!

Code Contributors
  • AlexHoratio
  • Antokolos
  • Avencherus
  • blaze-the-star
  • ConnorBP
  • Fischer96
  • Frostings
  • guimarca
  • Hung-Fan Liu
  • IlyaStuurFedorov
  • JDare
  • marcelofg55
  • MartinAppDev
  • MichaelBelousov
  • pixelriot
  • Ralian
  • rsomers1998
  • SapphireMH
  • xsellier
  • VictorienXP
  • Avencherus
  • David Wery
  • eflake
  • Hung-Fan Liu
  • Jez
  • John Flickinger
  • Josef Attenberger
  • Mike King
  • Simone Mändl
  • Ranoller
  • Shine Right Studio
  • Thorsten Schleinzer
  • Zeo Löwenhielm

The best way you can help out with this module is by making some pull requests with fixes or additions. There is a healthy list of additions and fixes needed in the To-Do section currently. You can also provide tutorials for different aspects of the module and either update this documentation repo or send them to me for posting.