Functions | Video

The descriptions are pulled from the official Steamworks SDK documentation with modifications made to fit GodotSteam's implementation of the functions. Naturally, any GodotSteam-specific functions will be noted as such.

getOPFSettings( int app_id ) getOPFSettings( uint32_t app_id )

  • Get the OPF details for 360 video playback.
  • To retrieve the 360 OPF (open projection format) data to playback a 360 video, start by making a call to this, then the callback will indicate whether the request was successful. If it was successful, the actual OPF JSON data can be retrieved with a call to getOPFStringForApp.
  • Triggers a get_opf_settings_result callback.
  • Returns nothing; void.

getOPFStringForApp( int app_id ) getOPFStringForApp( uint32_t app_id )

  • Gets the OPF string for the specified video App ID.
  • Once the callback for get_opf_settings_result has been raised and the EResult indicates success, then calling this will return back the actual OPF data in a JSON format. The size of the OPF string varies, but at this time 48,000 bytes should be sufficient to contain the full string. If it is not, pnBufferSize will be set to the size required. In that case, make a second call with the correct buffer size.
  • Note: The data returned in a successful call to getOPFStringForApp can only be retrieved once. If you need to retrieve it multiple times, a call to getOPFSettings will need to be made each time.
  • Returns a string.

getVideoURL( int app_id ) getVideoURL( uint32_t app_id )

  • Asynchronously gets the URL suitable for streaming the video associated with the specified video app ID.
  • Triggers a get_video_result callback.
  • Returns nothing; void.


  • Checks if the user is currently live broadcasting and gets the number of users.
  • Returns a dictionary:
    • broadcasting (bool)
    • viewers (int)